About us

“Attract more heart, Satisfy our heart”

about-1 RDC has been trying to challenge new business to meet the needs of the age without sticking to custom of traditional restaurant industry since the company was established in 1986. Gatten Sushi is originated from an idea that we want our customers to enjoy high quality sushi served by skilled chefs in a “kaiten sushi style” that seems close to them. As competitors give first priority to preparation and efficiency and work on establishment of mechanized system, we stick to handmade culinary delight and service to make the customers enjoy meals from the heart. We keep frowing based on the principle which is cooking on strategy with a view to expansion of our business across the country by region-based company-split up or FC. We have developed several kinds of businesses categorized one after another such as “Katsutoshi” as a cutlet restaurant ” Karamenya Jyube” as a noodle shop, “Oshimaya”as a fish market style dinning rooms and soon because we feel that we want our customers have the feeling of affordable luxury as many as possible. We establish the way of a whole new restaurant industry as a key work “handmade” RDC will continue adhering to the commitment to food and the principle that our customers are most important to aim of reoffering company equity publicly o the OTC market and opening five hundred restaurants by the year 2010 as a company growing up with a society. We keep trying endless challenges.

Pursuit of Palatability

Perpetual drive for seeking tasty foods has never changed for anyone in any ages. RDS takes pride in serving to the customers in prime condition that we bring our he its taste at a maximum. We have been highly rated on Zagat Survey and Recommended by Michellin Guide book.

Pursuing Food Safety

We are exploring production centers and producers domestically and internationally to seed for safer and the best quality ingredients. We believe that 100% guaranteed safety and establishment of sanitary management are our mission that a man engaged in the restaurant industry should keep pursuing forever. we promote various sanitary managements throughout all RDC’s restaurants.

Suggestion of Food Culture

We position ourselves apart from the competitors through the development of seasonal foods using fresh ingredients and our original items, and are trying to create great dishes loved and supported be our customers forever. Thorough consideration from selecting the best quality ingredients and recipe bringing out delicious flavor to dish arrangement. A lit of bif hits come into the world from these considerations.

Improvement of Service and Skill

RDC adopts “Eight to Two” rule. Eighty percent of store operation should follow the predetermined directions of the company, but each store is able to have twenty percent to demonstrate the originality. Taking idea from the employees leads to increase the sales volume and customer satisfaction, and as a results, this rule helps to improve service and revitalize the company as a whole. We have a reputation for various types of trainings

Gatten Sushi USA, Inc.

Head Office

18,000 Studebaker Road Suite 700 Cerritos, California 90703